* Grain & Pasture Fed * Antibiotic Free * Hormone Free
* Sold in Half or Whole Units * Ready to Use * Custom Cut to your Specifications
* Bacon/Sausage, Pork Chops and Scrapple available year around * Deposits taken in June for August pickup  

Pork Information:

Pork quantities are sold by the hanging weight. The meat is available in half and whole units. Also available are smaller sized family packages. The whole pig hanging weight is approximately 230 lbs. 25% to 30% of this is lost to processing. Therefore, the pig will yield about 168 lbs. of take-home meat.

1 whole pig 168 lb. average
1/2 pig 84 lb. average

Your pork will be cut, frozen, packaged, and marked. A whole pig will need about 7 cubic feet of freezer space.

Pork 2022 Pricing (All prices based on hanging weight)

* 1/2 of the Whole

Price......... $3.95 per pound hanging weight ($250.00 Deposit)

* Whole

Price..........$3.90 per pound hanging weight ($500.00 Deposit)

Whole Pig Standard Cuts

The list below is based on a hanging weight of +/- 230 pounds. 25% to 30% of this is lost to processing. Therefore, the amount of take-home meat is approximately 168 pounds, but can be slightly more or less.

  1. Pork Loin
    Chops (approximately 60) 
    or Roasts 
    or Country Style Spare Ribs
  2. Sausage (approximately 12 lbs.) 
    Loose or Link
  3. Shoulder (approximately 4-6 roasts)
    (choice of one kind) 
    Full Shoulder
    Blade or Picnic
  4. Bacon (choose one kind)
    Sliced or Piece
  5. Ham (4 @ approximately 15 lbs. each)
    Fresh, Smoked , Center Cut or Slices
  6. Spare Ribs (2 racks)




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